I made this blog because I'm bored. I'm a 24 year old who love things that I think is nice, awesome, wonderful and a beauty that includes my niece because she's a very nice kid though she bites. What else, I'm an enthusiastic person, adventurous, ambitious, I'm a child at heart, naive, I love to travel, I wear things that i think will look nice on me, I don't consider myself fashionista, I wear clothes that makes me look and feel beautiful, thats the thought, right? even though I'm fat, well not really fat I can't accept that, just a little chubby sounds better. I looove food! who doesn't? they are so good. Aside from my profession as a Nurse, I'm a frustrated Photographer, which I will be pursuing soon. Yeah, so I come from the Philippines where fun happens, like fooood!, the beautiful beaches are stunning! (black, brown, gray, white, pink sands) you name it. But currently, I am here in New York City, islands surrounded by river, brightly reachable star at night where they say dreams do come true, not yet for me... but soon. finger crossed X. By the way my name is Melody Gan and I'm a dreamer just like you.

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